- CO2 on the way to school

Your school can cooperate with other schools locally, nationally or internationally when carrying out CO2nnect. This is exciting for the pupils and can give them fresh perspectives on their own transportation system and alternatives.

When cooperating, it is important to define the topic for the school-school partnership and how you will work together. Try to clarify what you will each do on your own, what you will work on together underway, and whether you will make a joint product or separate products which you can then share.

For example, you can cooperate with another school by

The SEED Comenius network publication ”Tools for ESD-Schools - Reflective methods for School Partnerships of Education for Sustainable Development” is a toolbox for cooperation between schools and provides practical tips and advice.

There are several ways to find a partner school

The e-twinning tool is extremely useful for finding an international partner school. Go to the e-twinning home page, register for free and use the database to find a partner school with similar interests.

The EU Comenius programme offers many opportunities to create or join school networks and partnerships. Comenius Contact Seminars are a good place to meet possible partners and make an application for a new school network allowing you to visit your partner school and attend events to build competence.

See the Comenius webpages or contact your Comenius National Agency to find out about the various opportunities for partnerships and mobilities.