- CO2 on the way to school


Print out this data sheet, hand it out to your pupils, and have them complete it. Complete a form yourself, and hand it out to other school staff that want to participate. One form per reporter.

You will find an electronic version under Enter data where you can upload the results. You can enter all your reporters data sheets via your user account, or you can generate a pupil login code that pupils may use to post their results individually. Results will then be published upon your approval.

Estimate the distance to school, this can be done in several ways, e.g.:

  • Use internet tools like Google Maps
  • Trace the school way on a paper map and scale it up
  • Use a car or bike odometer
  • Use a GPS
  • Count your steps or use a pedometer/stepcounter and multiply with length of pace

Enter the school way distance (one direction) on the form to the nearest km along with the mode of transportation used. If more than one mode of transportation is used to school, list number of km for each transport category used. Finally, complete the questionnaire.

Birth year: 
Tick a category:Male: Female: 
Tick a category:Pupil: School staff: 

Which mode(s) of transport did you use to get to school?Distance to school in km
by animal transport 
auto rickshaw 
car electric 
car small 
car medium 
car large 
car hybrid 
diesel train 
electric train 
tram/light rail/trolley bus 
express boat 
other mode(s) 


Part 1

Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with these statements. 1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree (N/A = not applicable or no opinion).
«I am concerned about how transport contributes to climate change»12345N/A
«I have a choice about how I travel to school»12345N/A
«My school and local administration should do more to provide me with a more climate-friendly way to get to school»12345N/A
«I feel safe on the way to school»12345N/A

Part 2 (optional)

What kinds of changes are needed to reduce CO2 emission from transport? Select the three areas from the list below where you feel that improvements are needed most.Select the three areas from the list below where you feel that improvements are needed most.
Laws and regulations 
National transportation plans 
Transport habits 
Transportation of goods 
Engagement by groups in society 
Democratic processes 
Information/public awareness 
Economic support/regulations 
Transport technology 
Local community structure 
People`s priorities 
Living conditions/income